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And rest...

Done the first draft - 20 pages of marvellous script. And now time to... leave it. I'd actually completed the draft a couple of days ago, and couldn't resist tinkering with little bits of dialogue, that kind of thing. But I know if I keep doing it, I'll start doing more harm than good - so, I'll give it a while to rest, and look at it with slightly more objective eyes in a few days - Andy.

Treatment done, dishes done.

It's a tough discipline, completing an treatment - you just want to get on with telling the brilliant story that's rolling through your head... But rolling up my sleeves and thoroughly planning the story means I don't get half way through and find out I've wandered off the point and started to write another story (I've got a notebook full of them- at some point they'll come in handy). It also means my brain can put all it's effort into telling the story, rather remembering how the plot unfolds after the butler walks in with the... well, that would be telling. Roll on completing first draft - Andy.


Thanks to everyone who came to the June meeting - next month, we're critting something I've written; or to tell the truth, am about to write... It's been an idea I've been thinking about for a few months now, but the novel I'm trying to rewrite, or doing the washing up, has taken up my time at the point at which I should have been bringing it to life on the page. So today, it may not have a structure, an ending, or even a title - but it now has a deadline - and an audience ready to read it. I'll keep you posted as I go along - the dishes will have to wait for a bit - Andy.