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The end of the beginning...

Just a quick note to thank the DSW members who were at the crit session for my short screenplay last night - lots of positives, lots of things to think over and rewrite, and a challenge I didn't expect... This is what it's all about - sharing your work with other writers to help you make it better - brilliant stuff. Have a great summer, and see you in September!

July Meeting; this Tuesday 6July, 7pm - 9pm

It's our last meeting before the summer break and we'll be critting Andy's short film screenplay 'Sweet Dreams' - if you're a member, the script is already in the members section of . If you're interested in coming along, drop us an email: or call in and see us on Tuesday at Derby Library's meeting room on The Strand - see how to get there on this post .

One egg or two?

Got back to the script, and changed... some of it. Actually, not as much as I thought; I'm pretty happy with the progress I've made - and any more tinkering could be overegging the pudding. And the point of having work critiqued by the rest of the group is to help you concentrate on the big stuff that you've not seen for whatever reason. So I could do more (you can always do more) but I won't. I've uploaded it to the members page of our website,, and I'll try not to think about adding another Zeppelin chase sequence until my crit session next Tuesday - Andy.