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Showing posts from March, 2014

Pint- Size Play heads to Brighton in May

Just had a great bit of news about a play we've blogged about before - DSW member Richard's play ' It's all in the Mind ' will be performed by Zoom Arts on May 11th at Western Front in Brighton.  It was originally one of the winning Pint Sized Plays performed last year, and it's great news that another theatre production company has taken an interest in Richard's writing. It just goes to show what fantastic things can happen to your story once it's complete and out there in the big wide world - speaking of which, time for me to get on with those edits...

DSW member's short story published

We're really pleased to hear that DSW member Emma has had one of her short stories published in the Boo Books anothology, Breaking the Rules -  for more information, take a look on the Boo Books website here .

Reader role for DSW member Mike

Reading stories is a big part of getting a better understanding of how great stories work, which is why we're really pleased DSW member Mike has just become a professional Reader for a major UK TV and film production company. Mike will be reading and assessing scripts, a skill that being a member of DSW's crit group has helped him hone to a fine art - we're looking forward to seeing how his experience of working within the industry will help us to become better writers and readers - good luck Mike!