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Debut performance for DSW member's play

It's great to hear the news that DSW member Chrissie's play   Number 17  will be performed by the children of Ashbrook School on December 15 th at 6.30pm. Chrissie discussed Number 17 as a work in progress at one of Derbyshire Scriptwriters monthly meetings, and it's great to hear it's now about to take to the stage- we wish the writers, cast and crew the very best for their performance. For more information, see .

Christmas Meeting and write-in: Sunday 6 December, Derby Museum, 2-4pm

Merry Christmas! It's almost the end of the year, but just enough time for one more DSW meeting- this month's meeting is a write- in session . You'll be in good company with like minded scriptwriters who know the important thing is to get it out of your head and on to the page. Just bring your laptop, portable typewriter, pen and notebook, pencils and paper, charcoal and wood bark(!)- whatever it is that gets the words flowing. And of course, when people ask you what your new years resolution will be, you can tell them you've started already... If you'd like to join us, come along on the day, or email us to say hello-

Crit updates

Great to hear from DSW member Chrissie recently following a crit session for her play 'Number 17'. It's being written for performance by a local junior school- and it looks like our work in the crit session has helped Chrissie take things forward: "We're now planning our first two hour devising session, drama games, telling the children the story of how 'Number 17' came to be a house so special that it's having a play written about it - and  they get to help!  Creating three short presentations for the children to 'perform' to each other during the first afternoon and also doing some poetry development writing with local poet Dave Wood." It's great to see members work develop in this way- looking forward to hearing more about Number 17 in the future, as well as seeing new work by our other dedicated scriptwriting members.

Back in September and competiton link

Hello All, Derbyshire Scriptwriters' next meeting will be on Sunday 6th September in Derby Museum from 2-4pm. If you're looking for some inspiration in the meantime, DSW member Richard let us know about this very different movie writing contest... Enjoy the rest of August! "Ever watched a movie and thought ‘I could have written a better ending than that?’ If so, now’s your chance at (part of )"

Writers Callout

Our last meeting was visited by local filmmaker Rob Abercrombie, who's looking for writers to work with on a new project across the summer - here's a quick note of what he's looking for: Hello all, we plan to make a professional short film to be shot before the end of the summer. We have a £5k budget for a short film(s) that we could possibly shoot in the East Midlands region with the aim of entering it in to the high-tier festival circuit. The kinds of stories/short scripts we are looking for will hopefully share some of the qualities below: 1. Genres: fiction, psychological drama, combined with elements from another genre e.g. social/political, crime, film noir, thriller, action, horror and sci-fi. 2. Characters who possibly live on the “fringes” of society due to their profession, ethnicity, gender, age, class, disability, mental health and beliefs/values. They may inhabit a world unfamiliar to most. 3. Conflicts that preferably explore both the protagonist

Derbyshire Scriptwriters AGM: 2-4pm, Derby Museum, 3rd May 2015

Hello, our next meeting is our Annual General Meeting, an official roundup of our year as well as the election of our board team for the next twelve months. With that in mind, it's a good time to say a big thank you to Chrissie, Richard and Mike for their work for DSW over the last twelve months. Our next script- focused meeting will be in June - we'll keep you posted with the date and time soon.

April Meeting: Easter Sunday 2-4pm, Derby Museum

Happy Easter! If you're not too full of eggs and hot cross buns, we'll be at Derby Museum discussing one of our member's current work in progress, to offer feedback and support as they make their story work. If you'd like to talk scriptwriting, come an join us - we'll be there from 2pm to 4pm- for more information, contact us through

DSW Member Chrissie hosts writing retreat

Chrissie Hall, founder member of Derbyshire Scriptwriters will be leading a  Winter Writing Retreat at Denman College, Marcham, Oxfordshire from  29th Jan to 1st February  "Dig out that unfinished writing project, or get inspired to begin writing something completely new.   Enjoy working in a supportive tutor led classroom group and in 'one to one' sessions on your short stories, memoirs, life story, sketches, scripts, plays, articles or novel with opportunities to discuss your work within this small group of like-minded students."   For more information email or Denman College on 01865 391991

DSW Member collects stories to rEvive town centre

DSW member Chrissie has been busy in Ilkeston as part of the Erewash rEvive Art project, working to regenerate the High Street by putting arts projects in empty shops in Ilkeston, After collecting life stories from visitors to the project's Bath Street store, Chrissie has worked with artist Julie Genner, to create a window display from the life stories donated by participants. "Each story  box is unique, covered with random extracts of real, local life stories , arranged to replicate the way our stories link us together, overlapping – touching – weaving through – cutting across and underpinning. The ‘people’ are all unique too, if you look closely enough you’ll see each one is smothered in stories!"

January write-in: Derby Museum, Sun 4 Jan, 2-4pm

Happy New Year! Now the final turkey vol-au-vent has been munched, it's time to say hello to a new year of writing. Derbyshire Scriptwriters are kickstarting 2015 with a write in on Sunday 4 January, and anyone writing for stage, screen or radio is welcome to join us. Write-ins are a great way of forcing all those good story ideas out of our head and onto the page, with a little peer pressure from fellow writers who are doing the same thing around you. We'll spend a couple of minutes telling one another what we'll be working on, take out our pads, pens and laptops, and get going! There'll be time to talk about what we've achieved at the end, and if anyone is feeling brave, maybe a reading... This is your year to write - make it happen!