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Showing posts from January, 2015

DSW Member Chrissie hosts writing retreat

Chrissie Hall, founder member of Derbyshire Scriptwriters will be leading a  Winter Writing Retreat at Denman College, Marcham, Oxfordshire from  29th Jan to 1st February  "Dig out that unfinished writing project, or get inspired to begin writing something completely new.   Enjoy working in a supportive tutor led classroom group and in 'one to one' sessions on your short stories, memoirs, life story, sketches, scripts, plays, articles or novel with opportunities to discuss your work within this small group of like-minded students."   For more information email or Denman College on 01865 391991

DSW Member collects stories to rEvive town centre

DSW member Chrissie has been busy in Ilkeston as part of the Erewash rEvive Art project, working to regenerate the High Street by putting arts projects in empty shops in Ilkeston, After collecting life stories from visitors to the project's Bath Street store, Chrissie has worked with artist Julie Genner, to create a window display from the life stories donated by participants. "Each story  box is unique, covered with random extracts of real, local life stories , arranged to replicate the way our stories link us together, overlapping – touching – weaving through – cutting across and underpinning. The ‘people’ are all unique too, if you look closely enough you’ll see each one is smothered in stories!"

January write-in: Derby Museum, Sun 4 Jan, 2-4pm

Happy New Year! Now the final turkey vol-au-vent has been munched, it's time to say hello to a new year of writing. Derbyshire Scriptwriters are kickstarting 2015 with a write in on Sunday 4 January, and anyone writing for stage, screen or radio is welcome to join us. Write-ins are a great way of forcing all those good story ideas out of our head and onto the page, with a little peer pressure from fellow writers who are doing the same thing around you. We'll spend a couple of minutes telling one another what we'll be working on, take out our pads, pens and laptops, and get going! There'll be time to talk about what we've achieved at the end, and if anyone is feeling brave, maybe a reading... This is your year to write - make it happen!