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Writers Callout

Our last meeting was visited by local filmmaker Rob Abercrombie, who's looking for writers to work with on a new project across the summer - here's a quick note of what he's looking for: Hello all, we plan to make a professional short film to be shot before the end of the summer. We have a £5k budget for a short film(s) that we could possibly shoot in the East Midlands region with the aim of entering it in to the high-tier festival circuit. The kinds of stories/short scripts we are looking for will hopefully share some of the qualities below: 1. Genres: fiction, psychological drama, combined with elements from another genre e.g. social/political, crime, film noir, thriller, action, horror and sci-fi. 2. Characters who possibly live on the “fringes” of society due to their profession, ethnicity, gender, age, class, disability, mental health and beliefs/values. They may inhabit a world unfamiliar to most. 3. Conflicts that preferably explore both the protagonist