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DSW Members develop skills at Derby Quad

Several lucky DSW members were awarded bursaries from DSW funds and enjoyed two recent workshops at Derby Quad - 'Directing and Performing' and 'Scriptwriting from Page to Performance'. The morning and the afternoon sessions  were  interesting, helpful and  well timed for DSW as members are looking forward to bringing their own short plays 'from page to performance' later this year. Local writer Tina Jay and Director Jack Brett Anderson were generous and helpful and inspirational. Jack will be Directing Tina's current play 'Syndrome' at the Tristam Bates Theatre in London in February and we thank them, and wish them every success with the play. Also thanks to Alex Davies at Quad for hosting these two excellent workshops. 

Get your writing started in 2020 with DSW member and writing tutor Chrissie

DSW Chair Chrissie Hall will be leading a residential course 'Creative Writing For Beginners' at Denman College, Oxford from 26th to 28th February.   For details go to and click on ' courses and events '.